Addiction Recovery Tools

Tools Help us Build Something

Like a saw, hammer and nails help build structures or furnishings, breaking free from alcohol and drug addiction requires recovery tools. Asking for help is the one action of recovery you will take no matter which tools you choose. Just as no one builds a skyscraper by himself, you will need help building a lifestyle that supports your recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and underlying mental health issues that may be triggering your use.

What are Some of These Tools?

12 step programs can help. When someone says to call for help, they mean it. It may be hard at first, but they will show you how. Visit different meetings to find the right fit for you.

Residential treatment for drugs and substance abuse is sometimes the best starting place for those who need detoxification and a more structured setting than outpatient treatment offers. It removes them from the pressures of daily stresses that may sabotage the efforts of recovery. Withdrawal symptoms from your substance abuse and supervised medical interventions can be monitored safely during your stay.

Individual therapy and group therapy are important tools that help you stay on task as you work toward recovery from addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, or other mental illness and addiction.

A halfway house is a good option. This safe, supportive, home-like setting helps you transition back into a job and family life as you work on the skills and practice applying them.

Other tools are important, too. Writing assignments, workbooks, exercise, nutrition counseling and team building skills are other tools that will help you start and stay on the road to recovery.

Education and didactic lectures will teach you about your addiction, what triggers you use and how it affects your body and mind. There are family programs to help your loved ones heal, to understand your addiction and how they can help you live a recovery lifestyle.

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