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Mirror Lake Recovery Center

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Mirror Lake Recovery Center Program Mirror Lake Recovery Center, located on 75 beautiful, serene and secluded wooded acres in middle Tennessee, offers adults superb rehabilitation and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. For more than 32 years, Mirror Lake Recovery Center has offered the best possible treatment with evidence based practices and services for people who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, as well a co-occurring mental health disorders. Detailed Program Description Mirror Lake Recovery Center is renowned for its compassionate approach to treating addiction, which emphasizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation of the individual. We offer medical detoxification, an inpatient 28 day drug rehabilitation program, day treatment program and an extended care program for those who want to stay longer than the core 28 days.Mirror Lake Recovery Center is located in the heart of the Tennessee countryside with exquisite lake-front views. Treatment at Mirror Lake Recovery Center is tailored to meet the needs of the individual seeking treatment and is designed to guide individuals through the recovery process and restore their sense of well-being. Depending on each patient's needs, treatment plans may include a thorough medical examination, 12-Step work, drug or alcohol treatment, and social and psychological changes with the guidance of trained alcoholism counselors. We also provide a faith-based program, specifically designed for clients wanting to incorporate elements of their Christian faith into treatment and recovery. Individual and group therapy and a family program provide each individual with opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills for successfully navigating the challenges of sobriety. Specialty Tracks Mirror Lake Recovery Center offers three specialty tracks within our programs: Gender Specific, Faith Focused and Opiate Dependent. Please call our Admissions Department for more information on our specialty tracks. 1-800-365-3899.

Years in business

  • 20+ Years

Treatment approach

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Faith Based Treatment
  • Family Based Treatment
  • Gender Specific

Treatment Options

  • Long-term residential
  • Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment)
  • Short-term residential


  • Adult Residential
  • Medication-Assisted Detox


  • Adults


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Payment Options

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych
  • GHI
  • Health Smart
  • Humana
  • LifeSynch
  • Magellan Behavioral Health
  • UnitedHealthcare
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Google Reviews

  3.0   13 days ago

I gave it 3 stars because the place has a lot of potential but definitely needs some improvements, mainly more staff. First the good, the campus and buildings are pretty well kept, nice looking. Outside of recovery related activities, you can go fishing, work out in the gym, watch tv, smoke in designated areas and they will allow you to bring your musical instrument if you play one. You'll start off in the medical feeling detox building where you will see a doctor, counselor etc.. every day until you're done detoxing. Make sure you're honest about the drugs you have been taking and the amounts, your detox will go a lot better. If you lie they will know by your urine and blood tests so just be up front from the beginning. The bad. Staff/Counselors are late way too often to groups. If you are supposed to start a group at 10am, start at 10am not 10:20 or 10:30. This really got on my nerves because I was always where I was supposed to be and on time and the staff should do the same but they don't. They let the women and men talk. Bad idea!! I have been in treatment other places and women and men weren't allowed to talk to each other. They do a terrible job at this aspect. They need to do more gender specific stuff because it just gets people off track in a hurry and suddenly they are focusing all their attention on another person to fix them, completing ignoring what got them in rehab in the first place. There were people having sex all over campus. Also, a guy brought some Ice in and got some people high. This patient had left AMA a week earlier to go get high, came back, on purpose with drugs because he thought it was cool. Of course then he got kicked out but they need to do a better job of searching people when they come in. Didn't get to go to any outside AA/NA meetings which that needs to change. Overall, If you want to get better this place has some great things to offer if you can get past all the distractions and annoyances. I stayed focused on my recovery but some of things they offer are.... EMDR therapy for chronic pain and trauma. A faith based recovery track if you prefer, good meditation sessions, good AA meetings brought in from outside, acupuncture therapy and a karaoke night on Saturday. They have a cigarette machine that sells smokes and dip. They have a little store that opens twice a day as well with an ATM and things you can buy. But like I said it needs some improvement because they are severely understaffed but anyone that wants to get better can do it here just as well as anywhere else.

  5.0   15 days ago

Best Place I ever been Great Staff and they really care about you was there for 39 Days and they will get you there and to where ever you going after your time there. This place saved my life and it can save yours too was using for 12 1/2 yrs and now I am clean and sober.

  5.0   2 months ago

It might be cliche’, but this establishment “saved my life.” Let me give shout-outs to Brian and Bob, who professionally helped me. They care. Tom is very helpful, as well. Problems? Yep. Detox is... bizarre, however Liz is a caring and intelligent lady who really made that part of the experience tolerable. The bully that “monitored” the cabin area, and disrespected, changed the temp to freezing for clients (or at least bragged about doing so), and bragged about his wrestling skills to those who were frail and attempting to beat addiction, and slept well while he was supposed to be awake was the only horrible aspect of my stay. Will, the other cabin monitor, was professional, however, so thank heaven for him. Hat’s off to Mirror Lake! I’m beginning the next stage of my life now and it’s due to their counseling expertise.

  5.0   4 months ago

Mirror Lake!!! Wow!! The most phenomenal change in my life ever to happen. Some 19 months later, I am still clean and sober. Never once had a desire or thought of using drugs or alcohol. The program, staff, and treatment facility is within the confines of the best. All critics usually never stay sober, so don't believe it's not what it claims to be. Get in there, and get the help you need before it's to late. Mirror Lake: "A reflection of recovery!" Thanks for saving my life!! M.J.

  5.0   4 months ago

I recently went to Mirror Lake for alcohol treatment. I have been to other treatment facilities and this one is excellent. The admissions staff was very thorough and prompt getting me checked in. The program is very in-depth and extensive regarding the topics and types of treatment options available to the clients. The medical staff was very helpful and attentive to working with me. The Counselors are very knowledgeable and caring to every client, giving any and all help they can to get clients on the path of a solid and stable recovery. I felt at home and comfortable at Mirror Lake, the facility is beautiful and give a pure vibe of peacefulness. The food is good and plentiful, never the same old stuff. This place helped me find the person I want to be in life, free of Alcohol and living a life of sobriety that I can enjoy. I would also like to thank Mr. Grady for all his time and work to help those in need, What a great man. Thank you Mirror Lake!!!

  5.0   4 months ago

I was a Client of this facility recently. I can honestly say, with no qualifiers, that this place truly works miracles! The staff is amazing with the clients. The best 2 counselors it has been my pleasure to work with are both employed here. The tech staff are attentive and caring. The kitchen staff does amazing things considering how many they feed on a three times daily basis. I only met a few of the administration staff, but even they impressed me. The sense of community I experienced here is unparalleled in any other medical facility. The staff treat you like family, and family you become. There could be better communication between staff and family, but considering how many clients are there at any given time (and that the client comes first, period), the communication is adequate. If you have a co-occurring disorder, such as bipolar disorder and addiction, then I highly recommend this facility. They treat both with equal seriousness. And if you have a history of trauma, like I do, then GO HERE!! They take past trauma and PTSD very seriously, and will help you learn to cope with the fallout. Some members of the staff come across as harsh at times, but we addicts need structure if we are to have any hope of recovery. I, personally, fully intend to attend as many of the alumni events as I can. I can not say thank you enough to the Staff and Clients of this facility for all they have done for me, and all they will continue to do.

  5.0   4 months ago

This place is awesome! I would recommend anyone to experience treatment at Mirror Lake. 5 🌟

  5.0   5 months ago

Mirror Lake!!! Wow!! The most phenomenal change in my life ever to happen. Some 19 months later, I am still clean and sober. Never once had a desire or thought of using drugs or alcohol. The program, staff, and treatment facility is within the confines of the best. All critiques usually never stay sober, so don't believe it's not what it claims to be. Get in there, and get the help you need before it's to late. Mirror Lake: "A reflection of recovery!" Thanks for saving my life!! M.J.

  4.0   5 months ago

I got the tools and aftercare plan that I needed. The facility was nice and well kept. The staff was fantastic.

  4.0   5 months ago

I really enjoyed my time here. I wanted to stay longer. Everything was great including staff. The only down fall was the food sometimes but they always had a salad bar. Great facilities and great placement. I truly enjoyed my stay and all of the counselors and everyone else.

  5.0   6 months ago

I love the life the people at Mirror lake recovery gave me back. I have been clean and sober for 6 months now and just want to thank all of them. I was ready for a change and they did everything possible to see that I had the help needed to make it. Love you guy's

  5.0   7 months ago

I loved my stay at Mirror lake. I loved all the staff they really cared about me and my recovery. A lot of the staff members were in long term recovery themselves. Even the counselors! I felt loved, accepted, and cared for while at Mirror lake. Everybody worked hard to see that my needs were met and that all of my needs were going to be met when I left there. If you are struggling as I was call them and get the help you need. It will change your life if really want it.

  4.0   7 months ago

I can't say enough good things about Mirror Lake. This place gave me hope back. The counselors were great and ever body in admissions help me become comfortable. I had reached out to my sponsor when I relapsed who contacted the Alumni department That called me and I knew him from before. He got the ball rolling and got me in with alot of help from everyone there. They even help me find a sober place to live and set me up with therapist and doctors for when I discharged from Mirror Lake I would have everything in place. I got my life Back! I would give them 5 stars but me being a chef I would have liked a more varied menu. The food was okay but maybe I am spoiled a little. Thanks Mirror Lake!

  5.0   7 months ago

I can't fully express my gratitude to the staff at Mirror Lake Recovery Center. I came here very fearful that I just simply could not be helped. From the time I was admitted they encouraged me and through a lot of work with my counselors and many groups I began to believe that I could stay clean and sober. I have completed the full stay in treatment and have resumed my life clean and sober. I can simply say that everyone there played a part in helping me get my life back. I am evolved in the alumni program there and attend alumni meetings whenever possible. I through the help of Mirror Lake have learned that true strength comes from asking for and accepting help from others that have walked the path of recovery before me. Thank you again Mirror Lake!

  5.0   10 months ago

I will recommend this facility to anyone I come across that may need their services. My stay here allowed me to work on myself, made me think, but most of all allowed me to find myself after years of trauma and abuse, alcohol, sex, relationships, food, etc. I am blessed to have been given a chance here and am privileged to have been given a new beginning finally.

  4.0   10 months ago

It was very beneficial to my growth in recovery. I have come to understand my recovery at a whole new level even after being in the recovery ministry over nine years. The people are very kind and caring. A must for someone ready to get better.

  5.0   10 months ago

Mirror Lake not only changed my life, it saved my life. Like most who end up in rehab, I was broken. I was at my bottom. I wanted a way out of my drug addiction. I didn't know where to go or what to do. I found a way out at Mirror Lake Recovery Center. My first few days were rough. I trudged through. I decided to "Trust The Process". I accepted where I was and I what I had to do. I did the hard things. I worked for my recovery. Suddenly I began to smile again. I started to see the beauty all around me. There is a lot of it at Mirror Lake. I am forever grateful for my counselors, the clinical techs, the nurses, and especially my fellow rehabbers. These people became my support. My family. I have formed relationships that will last a lifetime. Mirror Lake gave me strength, confidence, and independence. Mirror Lake Recovery Center gave me my life back. If you want help, Mirror Lake has the solution.

  5.0   1 year ago

Lori was very nice and professional thanks for being super excited to help me on the phone and being very patient and kind!

  5.0   1 year ago

This place saved my life, I look at all these reviews and honestly it's what you put into it that you will get out of it. There are so many ppl in there that think it's a joke and don't participate in anything, if you are one of those ppl there is a good chance you will relapse. I went to the meeting there tonight to get my 6 month coin and it's because of the staff and everyone else at mirror lake. Hannah the counselor was amazing also all the nurses were great. The best staff that they have are the techs because you see them the most and are great to talk too all the way from my girl keke, Samantha, coral, Austin, big Andrew, spoon, daisy, Ethan, Alex, and many more. I love this place and would do anything to help them out if they ever needed me.

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